Design, Analysis and Technical Drawings

The orders taken from our customers are studied in our engineering department. Having finished the studies related with the desired cylinders’ technical data and design, our engineers submit the production programme including the process drawings and plans to the production department.

Hard chrome shaft and barrel manufacture

Hard chrome shafts (or spear) can be manufactured to your exact specifications. SOYSAL Hydraulics works with a range of steel suppliers so we can easily accommodate induction hardened steel and non-standard hydraulic cylinder shaft sizes. Cylinder barrels can be manufactured to any diameter or wall dimension, and stainless steel RAM construction for marine environments is all part of the service.


Hydraulic cylinder honing

Refined techniques allow our highly experienced staff to hone to extremely fine tolerances, giving your rams precise performance and longer life.

Component modifications and hydraulic seals

Adapting a piston or a gland to meet your exact needs can be extremely effective, often coming in significantly lower cost than designing a new hydraulic RAM. SOYSAL can source one off hydraulic seal kits for specific applications or custom make hydraulic seals to spec.


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