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With a company-wide dedication to providing our clients with the best possible hydraulic solutions, Soysal Hidrolik has striven to improve our service and hydraulic offering for over 25 years. Soysal Hidrolik provides companies throughout Turkey with hydraulic equipments, custom cylinder and heavy machinery hydraulic spare parts manufacture. With our view firmly fixed on the future, we continue to invest in the absolute best people, facilities and equipment, to ensure our hydraulics offering is second to none.


BEKTAŞ SOYSAL-GENERAL MANAGER                                                           

Phone:+90 312 3545526  E-mail:bektas@soysalhidrolik.com        


CENK SOYSAL-PROJECT&SALES ENGINEER                                                           

Phone:+90 507 562 7769   E-mail:cenksoysal@soysalhidrolik.com 








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